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Erin Deschaine’s love of animals began at a very young age.  Growing up in the Berkshires of Massachusetts she was definitely a country girl.  She loved animals.  Erin had multiple dogs and cats growing up.  They were part of the family and she treated them as such.  She always knew animals would be a large part of her life.  Excelling in math and sciences, Erin decided to pursue a stable path in her studies.  Studying Engineering Physics (Aerospace Engineering) at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida opened many doors for Erin in her career.  She has been fortunate to broaden her business expertise by working/studying in France, the UK, Japan and all over the United States.  In her travels she always had her trusted companion Sebastian, a miniature poodle.  Sebastian was more than just a dog; he was her trusted companion and friend.  Erin truly believes that family comes in all different forms.  This principle is the Coddled Critters standard; Pets truly are family.  In June of 2009, Erin’s hard work and business savvy paid off when she opened Coddled Critters Pet Resort and Spaw.  According to Erin, it’s the personal attention to each dog that sets Coddled Critters apart from her competition. “We know each dog that comes here; their name, character, behavior, and we attend to their individual needs.”  If you want your pet to be pampered and believe that pets truly are a part of the family than choose Coddled Critters Pet Resort and Spaw.

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